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We are organizing for a Symposium that will bring together the leaders in the disciplines that are supporting the Return to the Moon, to stay, as part of the vision of the President of the United States, George W. Bush.

Our interest is to invite pioneering minds in Engineering and Science, Business and Finance, Policy and the Social Sciences, to present current thinking on the Return to the Moon. As important, gaps in capabilities will be discussed and addressed.

This weeklong Symposium will result in new teaming efforts in support of the Return to the Moon. The Symposium will be in New Brunswick, New Jersey, at the main campus of Rutgers University, 3-8 June in 2007.

This Symposium is intended to be single-track, focusing on:

    • the technical issues,
    • the bio-issues,
    • the economical/financial issues,
    • the political issues, and
    • the social issues

that underpin our manned, permanent return to the Moon, on the way to Mars and the Solar System. We, however, do not rule out multi-track presentations, but in principle believe that attendees would prefer to be able to participate in all the deliberations.

We believe that by the Symposium date, the community’s plans and ideas will begin to be crystallized, the international participation level will be better known, and the leaders in many of these areas will be ready to make their ideas more specific.

To broaden the community, professional sponsorship will be solicited from premier societies, beginning with the International Academy of Astronautics. In addition, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics will be contacted.

Financial support is to be sought from private and public sources, to make the Symposium most effective, and to help support attendance by experts from nations without travel support.

Distinguished plenary speakers will be sought from the key focus areas of the Symposium. We will involve students at all levels in such a workshop.

Please contact Haym Benaroya for additional information or to be placed on a mailing list.